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Term 1, March 2015:


Principal’s Report

Thank you for taking the time to come along to 'Meet the Teacher Evening' last month. It was great to meet new families and reconnect with others. Please feel free to make contact with us around any issues or questions that you may have.


Learning has certainly changed a lot since most of us were at school. Reading was always a 'silent time' where you read and answered endless questions individually. Today, students are encouraged to connect what they know already, think about the story in a deeper way and develop their own opinions that they can express, based on evidence. Talking is a necessary part of reading. This kind of programme develops the skills that students need not just for now, but the type of thinking that is needed to be successful down the track in NCEA and as a good learner.


This Wednesday we are holding parent workshops to share with you what our literacy and mathematics programmes are like and ways that you can help your child in their learning at home. It would be wonderful to have you come along and be part of this. We will also be sharing with what we are doing with Digital Learning. By working together with you we can help your child to really get the most from their learning.


It is really great to see that Year 7 students have settled in well to their new school, making new friends and feeling confident in their surroundings. We believe that having an environment where students are safe, valued and happy is essential to learning.


We have so many talented students at our school; these are some of the recent achievements:

Year 8 Girls Softball - Winners of the Central Zone- Alix Bedwell, Justine Bedwell, Juanita Fifita, Christina Magele Mariner, Katana Mu, Grace Natanielu, Bethany Sauaga, Lilyann Sila, Reesey Toala, Mele Tu’uefiafi, Tivah Wiig.

Girls Tennis – 2nd in Doubles at Central Zone – Katana Mu and Reesey Toala.


Congratulations also to the student leaders who have been selected as House Captains and Sports Captains for this year;

House Captains – Aditi Anand, Adithya Ashok, Jane Babu, Katie Baker, Ayush Bhandari, Ishmael Cowley-Lupo, Daniel Gong, Sung Joo Han, Shriya Kelderman, Pranayam Lal, Israel Makapatana-Pirini, Mackenzie Mariano, Jared Matthias, Euan McDougall, Amber Meiklejohn, Puja Nory, Gaurav Pahuja, Rugved Pawar, Upeksha Sabaragamu Koralalage, Lilyann Sila, Angela Singh, Isaiah Stitt, Sahele Tesfaye, Tivah Wiig.

Sports Captains - Alix Bedwell, Justine Bedwell, Anna Brown, Isaac Cerei, Juanita Fifita, Ben Fononga, Bethany Hooper, Todd Hunter, Samantha Laupepa, Leon Li, Laura Mackness, Christina Magele Mariner, Katana Mu, Lilybeth Payne, Luka Rajsic, Bethany Sauaga, Loran Surendran, Zu Hal Tajek, Corban Taufelila, Bronson Taylor, Reesey Toala, Mele Tu’uefiafi, Uli Vete.


Please let us know if there is something that your child has achieved that we can acknowledge them. We love to celebrate success!


We are still in need of adult help for our Year 8 camp, which takes place during the week of 20-24th of April. Please contact the school office or your child’s teacher if you are able to assist in any way. Finally, if you are keen to get involved with Netball or Hockey, we would love to hear from you. The more support that we have, the more teams we can offer.

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!

What is the most important thing in the world?  It is people! It is people! It is people!

Kristen Walsham


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